March 14, 2021

Visual Branding for your Small Beauty Business


Being a Small Business owner is easy so creating a visual marketing plan should be a piece of cake. Right?! WRONG! Visual Branding for small beauty Business

Being a small business owner is incredibly difficult and requires you to become an expert in so many areas FAST if you want to survive. Whatever your passion is, you quickly have to learn bookkeeping, marketing, client retention and support, web designer, human resources, social media algorithms and more! There is an endless to do list for all small business owners, but at the end of the day creating your dream business is exciting and rewarding.

One major step to gaining clients is create a visual footprint that accurately represents your business. Being able to draw people in with photos is critical in this day and age. Here are 5 tips for creating pillar content that you can use time and time again to represent your small business.

1. Get Inspired

While I don’t recommend exactly copying other people’s work, creating an inspiration board on Pinterest or Instagram is a great start to properly executing imaging for your Small Business. Vision boards can work wonders for creating a cohesive feed that speaks to your ideal client.

2. Create your ideal client range

We have all been told to craft our ideal client and speak directly to them when marketing but I believe creating an ideal client range can be more effective in the beauty industry. Here is an example of how to create said client:

Client Gender: Female

Client Age Range: 25-50

Consumable Service (the service they come for time and time again): Hair Cuts and Colors

Special Occassion Service (the service they always book when they have an event): Manicures and Pedicures

Self Care Service (the service they book when they are on a self care kick or have a gift card): Facials and Massages

Once you have your ideal range nailed down you can start crafting a plan that will visually influence them to book services.

3. Use a Scheduler

Scheduling your feed at least a week in advance is critical for marketing because you not only plan how your page looks but what to talk about and when. You don’t want two posts in a row pushing the same service – spreading out the choices over several days can remind people exactly what you offer. The goal is they leave each post taking away a nugget of info. I have personal experience with Later and Planoly and equally recommend both. Later has better capabilities if you run more than one account and Planoly is more visually appealing in my opinion.

4. Use your Mission Statement

All small business owners should have a Mission Statement for their business and I recommend creating a specific statement for marketing and/or Social Media. I have a Social Media Management business and I have my own mission statement that helps me stay true to my reason behind the business. Here is my Mission Statement:

To alleviate marketing pressure and create compelling content for small business owners in order to turn social media users into clients by using an artful approach to highlight products and services.

To create your own, mix your business mission statement with your goals for social media. Most small beauty businesses are looking to build a portfolio on social media and turn users into clients. Here is an example of a Mission Statement for a fictional environmentally based salon that has been converted for the social media mission.

Our mission at __________ Salon is to provide exemplary service with environmentally friendly products to our clients so they look and feel their best. We will use social media to create genuine relationships and trust with users so they feel at home within the walls of our salon.

5. Hire a professional

Outsourcing is a necessity when you own and operate a beauty business. You can’t be in all places at once, so you must delegate a portion of the work to experts. For Visual Branding, take the time to determine exactly what overwhelms you and outsource it. This can be anything from hiring a photographer to hiring a Social Media Manager. You might already have someone on your staff who excels at posting so offering this person a stipend in addition to their daily routine is a great way to add a Social Media Manager to your team.


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